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Tell me why you're interested in the THE INITIATRESS training (intention for wanting to become a facilitator).

Question 2 of 9

What is your background with Tantra/Embodiment/Bodywork and Movement Practises? Please list any qualifications you have here.

Question 3 of 9

Have you held space for classes/workshops/retreats before?





Question 4 of 9

What are the qualities that will make you a good leader?

Question 5 of 9

Do you have any medical or health issues that might affect you teaching this work?

Question 6 of 9

Do you have a studio space that you are already connected with and that you have in mind for teaching classes? If yes, which studio?

Question 7 of 9

Anything else you would like to mention?

Question 8 of 9

Who told you about the training?

Question 9 of 9

If your application is successful, which training will you be attending (location & month)?

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